Pittsburgh Audio Visual Production
Pittsburgh Audio Visual Production

Pittsburgh Audio Visual Production

Our Pittsburgh Audio Visual Production Experts will make your event look and sound incredible! We use the latest in sound, video, and lighting technology to accomplish a style and feel that enhances your organization’s message. We work closely with your team to to make your event a total success! Runaway Records Productions ensures that your message will be delivered with excellence!  High Fidelity Sound Systems, HD Video Systems, LED Lighting, and content driven power points make Runaway Records a choice A/V vendor.

Sound Production

From corporate meetings to music concerts, we have the sound equipment and personnel to produce a world class show.  Whether you need sound support for a small break out room of 20 people, or you need a full range sound system for 2,000 people, we have the right tool for the job.                                                  

Your event will have even sound coverage that enables each member of the audience to hear your message loud and clear!  Squealing microphones, hissy speakers, and unattractive worn out equipment are not in our vocabulary!  We are constantly servicing and upgrading our equipment to continually provide the best sound support possible.  

Video Projection

We have industry standard video projection equipment capable of servicing the smallest breakout sessions to the largest ballrooms, convention halls, and performance venues.  Our variety of projectors, screens, and mounting options enable us to create a truly unique look for your event.  Our advanced video routing options allow us to instantly change the content on any screen to allow for flexibility in your event production.  We utilize HDTV’s to create digital signage, sponsorship loops, confidence monitors, speaker timers, and stage effects.  Dirty screens, old projectors, distorted pictures, and outdated video equipment are never a concern with Runaway Records Productions.

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