Pittsburgh Recording Studio
Pittsburgh Recording Studio

Pittsburgh Recording Studio

Our Pittsburgh recording studio caters to those with the finest tastes in music and audio production. We understand what a serious client needs and we have the experience to deliver results that make you stand out from the rest!  Our facility is ultra efficient and makes quick work of accomplishing an infinite number of industry standard drum, guitar, and vocal tones. Our selection of equipment enables you to make a hit record that competes with music on the radio without having anything but yourself. We are conveniently located minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and Robinson, Pa.

Our Pittsburgh Recording Studio Equipment

Our Pittsburgh recording studio equiment list always delights the musicians, engineers, and producers who spend time working at Runaway Records Productions. From Gibson, Fender, DW, Marshall, to Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Apple, Universal Audio, Neumann, and AKG, our extensive selection of professional audio production equipment will make your project sound it’s very best!

We are passionate about utilizing the latest hardware, software, and production techniques to deliver the highest quality result to our clients.  Do you need a backing track for your vocal, but you don’t play an instrument? We’ve got you covered! Our staff can write, perform, and record a custom track for your song from start to finish!

We have three separate tracking areas, each with a unique character. Tracking room A has an ambient character. It has a natural reverb that is useful in a variety of applications. This is our choice tracking room for electric guitar amplifiers, leslie rotary speaker, acoustic guitars, auxillary percussion, horns, and woodwinds.

Tracking room B has a very dry character. We prefer room B for vocals, guitar amplifiers, drum sets, and a host of other applications. Our control room bridges the gap between tracking rooms A and B. From the control room, both of the tracking areas can be viewed with ease. We frequently track keyboards, guitars, bass, and keyboards from this area. The workspace is set up for extreme efficiency so that you can make the most of your recording sessions!  You won’t wait around for hours of setup at our Pittsburgh recording studio!


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